Inspiration can come from anywhere.  When I think back to a year and a half ago, I was working as an Art Teacher in Arizona looking for any excuse to make cupcakes, cakes, or cake pops.  Let me tell you I had some VERY happy coworkers back then :)

While I was busy packing up the cupcakes for my "dog-gone" birthday at school, my husband snapped this picture featuring our pup Duncan.

This picture remains to be one of my favorites.  Looking back on this picture I remember how excited I was to take 85 "dog-gone" cupcakes to school for my co-workers knowing it would make them very happy (and give them a slight sugar high which always makes working with kids easier).  I was inspired to make people happy through baking.  My husband was inspired to take this picture (knowing it would make me happy).

Inspiration, both big and small, is so important and I feel incredibly lucky to be where I am in my life.  I am inspired to make a name and business for myself and hopefully make lots of people happy in the process.

Inspiration really is everywhere...

Life is happening and I couldn't be more excited!