Kim & Kanye who?

I have used a lot of willpower, not to read anything about Kim and Kanye's crazy Parisian wedding...

...that is until this morning.  I ran across this really cute blog from Loverly entitled,

"7 Reasons Kim & Kanye's Wedding Isn't as Cool as Yours" 
photo credit usmagazine

It is definitely a light fluffy piece but it is cute and worth a read :) I especially liked the part about not having to worry about famous teenagers showing up to your wedding in a batman costume.  That really resonated with me because my husband threatened to show up to our own wedding in a chewbacca costume (we were married on October 30th).

While we are on the subject of Kimye, I couldn't help but love the New York Post after they printed this...

photo credit huff post

Why do I bring all of this up?  Perspective my friends.  Your wedding is a beautiful time and a celebration of love and commitment.  No matter what the size of your wedding, or the cost of your dress, or the size of your ring or cake, it is a special and time that requires attention, love & respect.


Okay this baker will get back to baking...

Happy Thursday Friends. xo